Inflight Rights is a platform specializing on high quality content that have airline rights cleared. We have been in the industry with more than 20 years combined experience in the content licensing arena.

Our aim is two pronged. First, we want to serve both buyers and service providers of the airlines and content. The people who make it happen. The people who place great content on their respective airlines so that the passengers would get great entertainment while passing time on a mundane flight.

Secondly, we want to serve content producers and content distributors. We want to acknowledge the efforts of each and every one of them. We want to place their great IP where they may have never considered. We want to be able to help them reinvest the extra revenue into more new and exciting content.

We are also expanding to serve our digital partners with new and trending content. Our team of experienced content curators scour the world to bring you the best in class entertainment.

With that said, all that is to do is to Welcome You to Inflight Rights.

For IFE Buyers

We know it is a tedious process selecting the best content for your world class airlines. We aim to provide you with a platform that enables selection of best possible content for your airline that is both productive and convenient.

For Content Sellers

We aim to provide support to enhance the distribution and marketing of quality content and increase both audience and revenue through making content available for the airline platforms.